Introducing original concepts that explore the creative practice

and process and why it matters to look at both with deep intention;

mindfully and holistically.



Offering inspiration-filled guidance and accountability across all stages of the creative pathway, for a variety of projects and endeavours. Available as 1:1 or group sessions.



Expanding a collection of work centred around photo-graphé, where light becomes the medium through which insights are intuited and gathered. This is a hands-on practice space, where dialogues arise in the gist of making.

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Integrated Creativity

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Rough Quirky Brushstroke Line

Hi there, I’m Ellie.

I study the light; I compose research, pictures and processes of attuned perception and I blend what I find with what is (with)in me to synthesise new insights. I write, I teach, I pay attention.

What you see in this space, including Integrated Creativity, has been with me throughout my passage from maiden to mother. In the last three years, I’ve crossed a long, beautiful bridge. I met my children, I met my depths anew. The outcomes of this time are inevitably reflected in this new chapter of expression and they carry something very precious with them; the energetics of feeling feelings at the core, of loving unconditionally and of belonging faithfully to the fabric of this world.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the inside of the new platforms I’ve created. Thank you for your continuous interest in my work and expanding practice. I never take for granted that you allow me to inform your own imagination.